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GlobalGirl Media UK’s annual Summer Academy is a 3-week intensive training in digital media skills for young women aged 14-22. We teach broadcast-quality technical skills, media literacy, news knowledge and critical thinking skills. 


You’ll develop story ideas, write and edit blogs, research your chosen topics and learn digital camera, sound and editing skills. Activities include visits to broadcasters such as the BBC and Thomson Reuters, guest speakers and workshops, and practical exercises in lighting, framing, sound, camera and interviewing techniques. We focus on impactful social reporting and filmmaking, and in the final week, you will form teams to produce your own short documentaries.


Our training is holistic, integrating health, literacy, self-esteem, and basic human rights that contribute to the overall needs of young women. We bring awareness of the misrepresentation of women in media stories, as well as the lack of women in meaningful roles in the media workplace. 


We continue to offer support beyond the training through our GGM UK Newsroom, with mentors, platforms, equipment and editorial advice. Our graduates leave feeling empowered to take content-making into their own hands.

Why do this course?




#The Executive Producers​ (This training will now run in 2021)

We run regular trainings in the UK, including mini-trainings as skills-boosters, to keep our graduates up to speed with the fast pace of technological change in the media. 

Thanks to social media channels like YouTube, everyone now has the chance to be a producer. And with video binge platforms like Netflix and Amazon taking over TV, content has never been in such demand. In this two-day workshop, we put a new generation of female ‘creators’ in the Producer’s chair – asking YOU ‘if YOU were to create a TV series about something that mattered to YOU – what would it be?’

Through an open and inclusive environment, we will collectively workshop the ideas, work in groups to storyboard and start cutting a trailer for YOUR dream series.

Why should you apply?

GGM UK ‘mini-trainings’ are designed to up-skill young women with an interest in filmmaking and storytelling. We aim to empower young women by giving them the tools to amplify their voices and share their stories with the world.

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Through GGM UK Newsroom, we continue to support our graduates with ongoing training, mentors, equipment, spaces for ideas-sharing, platforms for their content, invitations to special events and internships. Our Newsroom is mobile and sometimes virtual! We like to maintain flexibility so that we can fit around our GlobalGirls’ busy schedules and geographical diversity, but meetings tend to take place in venues across South London. 


Applications now open for January 2021 programme

We run a Mentorship Programme, where each GlobalGirl is paired with a professional female journalist, broadcaster, writer or media expert who is dedicated to bringing more women into the media profession.